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Nights Travel At The Right Speed is the debut poetry collection from Welsh poet George Sandifer-Smith. Seeking to explore smaller moments through spaces and objects, this collection shines a light on the art of recollection, how voices change with age, and the seemingly-galactic scope of the single instance – the crackle of tape, the glimpse of Mars through a skylight, the roaring eardrum after a rock & roll concert.


In these sometimes personal, often profound, poems, tenderness and trauma intertwine as we travel from hospital to hayloft, beach to backyard, exploring the familiar and experiencing, at times, the unexpected. A searingly beautiful, strong-hearted book, full of clear, liquid language that might equally sing or soar, this is a young yet already very gifted writer whose laments, liturgies, and lively meditations will most certainly enchant and enthrall.


Ghost of Clone by Marc Zeuk Roberts

Symbols, sounds, humour, shapes, shades... these are some of the fascinations and qualities to be found in the work of Marc Roberts (MZRR). A violet black root feeds the flaming flower of his creative expression, be that a psych folk or art pop song, a dense soundscape or a poem, like those here, clutched from behind the veil of the conscious mind to be given light and form. Look within and wander the meadows of the mind or the streets of urban wyrdness, with their oblique signposts to a non ordinary version of reality.